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Landlords and Tenants in Partnerhip

Fair Rent for Lending a Hand with Tasks all Around the Home

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Service to Families, the Elderly as well as to Young People on Training, Pensioners and others in need of a Low Rent

What is different? There are many sites all around "care" or different forms of "assistance", all costly services by private companies or municipal services. Most of them aim at the elderly. Others provide au pairs and other services. However, the range of services is large and flexibilty is a great plus. So this site is for anyone, both from the homeholder´s and the homeshare´s point of view, and valid for any services around the home and house. is the site for:

  • Homeholders: Families, the Elderly or other Landlords, who are in need of some assistance in their home or also their business.
  • Homesharers: Younger people as trainees, apprentices, pupils, students but also elder people, just everyone in need for accommodaton at a low rent in exchange for some services.

This site eases everyday life and reduces expenses.

  • Homeholders will cut down on expensive service providers and agencies, such as au pairs, baby sitters, bearing company to the granny or seeing to your pets etc.
  • Homesharers will not only benefit from a fair rent, but may even earn some pocket money.

Free Registration of both demands and offers!

Some Rules to observe when making contact (will follow)

Here you find space to live:
A room, an apartment or a lodger resp. a granny flat in exchange for help with all kinds of tasks around the house, the garden, the farm, the grandparents or occasional help with the homeholder´s business. Many families, seniors, singles or freelancers may want some services around their home or apartment and company for various reasons.

  • Families and single parents in order to better coordinate their work and care of their children
  • Seniors, who live in apartments or houses, which have become far too big for them to keep everything in order.
  • People with light handicaps, who may need occasional assistance in everyday life. Professional care, medical help etc. is exluded of course.
  • People with diverse motives, altruistic, curious and eager to keep contact to young people, or those who want some company, someone to talk to, who can also listen, or those who just want someone for safety reason in their home.

Most tenants only need a room, or a small apartment and would be happy, to fulfill some services in exchange of a low rent.

Small Jobs

There are certainly a number of services homesharers could offer, which would mean a great relief to a landlord, but which demand so many hours and work that they exceed the value of the rent, which one could reasonably ask for. So this may end in a small paid job for the tenant. Legal restrictions on labour and social security etc. would have to be observed, of course.
These groups can easily meet on these pages.
A normal tenancy agreement over a reduced rent will be signed between the two partners.
Consideration: The tenants perform certain tasks and duties for the landlord, which can be freely defined.
Rule of Thumb: One hour´s help per month for one square meter of room (ca. 11 square feet), additional expenses (heating etc., energy, etc.) normally on top.

Cross-Generational Living

Last but not least this site offers a service to people in different periods of their life through mutual assistance. From Young and Old, from those who are still trying to find their way, others who are fully involved in their career and finally those who have achieved everything they strived for and who enjoy their retirement.

Mistakes, comments, suggestions? Please send a Mail. 

Many thanks and Good Luck !