Raleigh NC Senior Help

Private person mcfadenteam

77 years - Single
27616 Raleigh
United States

500 $

Move-in ...
2023 Mar 3
Preferred Tenant:
No Preference | no matter J.

Shared Facilities:
Kitchen, living, Washer Dryer - Public transport: no
one level living in new neighborhood with community pool, bedroom with private bath.

General Conditions:

Hours per month
Pets: dog and cat
Driver´s licence is required
Physical handicaps: none

Help needed with:

  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship , storytelling )
Wife of 53 years passed May of 2021. Looking for companionship and possibly light house keeping and errand running. Son and Daughter live nearby.
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