Room for Household Assistance

Private person Aurora Family

31 years - Married
80018 Aurora
United States

0 $

Move-in ...
2024 May 14
Preferred Tenant:
Female | Single | no matter J.

Shared Facilities:
Kitchen, living room and dining. - Public transport: No
Room in a 3/3 townhouse in Aurora, CO offered in exchange for assistance with cleaning and laundry duties.

General Conditions:

07/15/24 Hours per month
Pets: German Shephard
Driver´s licence is not required

Help needed with:

  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Child care and private lessons
Me, my wife, our son and dog could use assistance with keeping the household clean, and running laundry once a week. We are both very nice, working professionals. We do prefer that applicant have full or part-time employment.
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