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Private person Ingrid Hindell

72 years - Married
3216 Belmont, Geelong

400 AU dollars $

Move-in ...
2023 Mar 4
Preferred Tenant:
Single | 31-50 J.

Shared Facilities:
1 Bedroom with a bathroom - Public transport: YES
Hi our names are Robert and Ingrid. We live in Belmont Geelong, Victoria, Australia, about 1.25 hours from Melbourne by car. We are a married retired elderly couple but young at heart (1960s teenagers!!) We have a cat named Sootie and a dog named Popsy (she is quite blind now) both are very gentle, EXCEPT for about 1/2 hr. a day when my gentle kitten turns into a 'demon cat' and runs all over the Unit, jumping on the furniture on the way through and teasing the poor old dog. :-D We are very passionate environmentalists and have lived an organic lifestyle for a very long time. We have support workers coming in and out of the house throughout the day. Our unit has 2 private bedrooms, and kitchen, dining and lounge open living space area. About 1.25 hours from Melbourne. The young people in the picture above are NOT flatmates, just friends. The picture was taken about 4 years ago. We have a lovely compact garden mainly vertical) that has berries, veggies, herbs and fruit trees. We are a welcoming and social household. Organic food is all prepared by our support workers so you wouldn't have to cook much, perhaps 2 meals or 3 for all of us for the week. We like eating our greens cooked separately in a steamer! We would prefer to not have any junk OR processed food in the home. We have air conditioning and heating. We have solar panels and a tesla battery. We live really close to high street shops and the buses are close for Waurnponds and Geelong city. AND we can offer you something most people don't have a clue about - what it is like to have 'lived experience with disability.

General Conditions:

Hours per month
Pets: Two pets that donàt need caring
Driver´s licence is not required
Physical handicaps: Iàm disabled by Cerebral Palsy, by husband has recently developed symtoms like Parkinsons, so the docs say

Help needed with:

  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship , storytelling )
Would like somebody who is-was a nurse, a naturopath, etc
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