Georgetown, TX

Private person - Advertiser: carlos665

78211 San Antonio
United States
43 years - Single
American born Christian
Non-Smoker | No Driver's license | No Allergies
Repairs. (multi-educated/multi-faceted) | General Contractor

Needs and Preferences:
500 miles
United States
No special wishes
towards the landlord
Requirements on Tenancy:
2021 Apr 21 to 2021 Sep 1 400 $
as much as needed hours offered
What I can offer:
  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship, errands)
  3. Small repairs, gardening
  4. Child care and private lessons
  5. Small Business Owner
I prefer to live by myself if possible. I need it to be quiet since I have a auditory disability where I'm sensitive to noisy environments.
I'm trying to heal from PTSD. Please help. I'm a very hard and smart worker. I think you'll like me working for you.
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