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Private person - Advertiser: Tamyra and Larry

84104 Salt Lake City
United States
40 years - Married
American Do for others as you would want them to do for you and spirituality is the opposite of religion other than many great people have been fooled into becoming religious because all there friends are there and they want to be part of something with $power$
Non-Smoker | No Driver's license | No Allergies
Diploma w/honors, some college and Tech school certs | Heavy equipment tech at Waste Management TS and MRF 3405 W 900 S

Needs and Preferences:
70 miles
Salt lake city
United States
No special wishes
towards the landlord
Requirements on Tenancy:
2024 May 3 600 $
160 hours offered
What I can offer:
  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship, errands)
  3. Small repairs, gardening
Desent bed room big enough for two people, a queen sized bed and two dressers, a closet, and a tall mirror as well as a garage or shed in which to weld, fabricate, and build steel machines or parts for use or repair of usefull machines. I have many tools and even more skills and I would much like to start a business and train some good men to manage it and keep it going so I can focus on another one and eventually let go of being an employee and become an employer and charitable contributor to people in poverty and need in my community.
I just want to help people in need of my skills and I have to many to list here but if it involves building or fixing any structure or machine I probably have the tools and I can prob do a professional quality job in a timely manner. But I have no way to operate such activities out of the crowded apartment I live in now and I would dedicate all my free time in the mornings to doing all I can to keep a warm welcome if it means I have access to a shop or shed or garage to build and fix locale peoples wheels, tools, trailers, tractors, and anything that can be broken can be fixed. I hope to start a roofing business in the next year or two and find some good workers to train and pass my extensive skill and knowledge to someone who will inherit the majority of the shares provided they exhibit the drive and skill to do a quality job and quickly enough to enjoy their own time and have plenty to do so. I work as a heavy equipment tech at Wast Management in the evenings from 2 to 10:30 so services rendered by me will have to be on a morning routine but my sweet better half Tamyra will be available to help any time that is required throughout the day and we do have one small dog that is getting trained and getting better every day 3/4 Yorkshire terrier 1/4 shitzu very sweet and loving but a bit timid at first. We both have reliable cars and valid credentials but my income is just not quite enough to afford the type of home we desire to be a part of and we are very easy to get along with and we get in where we fit in and never allow anyone to struggle before we jump in and help beat the load and help them finish their task without over straining themselves. We also hope for a good size laundry area and bathroom with a cabinet or two we can store our hygine supplies in and we keep the laundry flowing until it’s folded and put away where it goes and the machines are well maintained or replaced if necessary. I would like to have to freedom to buy and fix damaged vehicles for a easy profit but promis to limmit my projects appropriately and clean up after myself. Have dead vehicles? Let’s get them going again and stronger than ever!
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