JULY 31, 2022

Private person - Advertiser: Lyonheart

48617 Clare
United States
68 years - Single
White Caucasian Spiritual Luthran
Non-Smoker | No Driver's license | No Allergies
Marketing sales | Retired SS VA benifits

Needs and Preferences:
25-35 I have a drvrs. Lic.
Clare county area..
United States
No special wishes
towards the landlord
Requirements on Tenancy:
2022 Jun 24 0.0 $
100 hours offered
What I can offer:
  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship, errands)
  3. Small repairs, gardening
Clean quarters prefer separate bath but will share. Closet space, ample storage. Share with couple, or single individual.
This site is disfunctioning. Will not take my information. Multiple Skills from elderly care to Activity Partner. I have a drvrs. lic. I use $ dollar. My real move in date is July 31, 2022.
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