London - England

Private person - Advertiser: galia

BR15AL Bromley
United Kingdom
41 years - Married
Romanian Orthodox
Non-Smoker | No Driver's license | No Allergies
Management, career , construction | Maternity with baby 17 months, husband works

Needs and Preferences:
United Kingdom
No special wishes
towards the landlord
Requirements on Tenancy:
2020 Feb 8 £200 €
What I can offer:
  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship, errands)
Good conditions in room or small apartment for small family with baby with/without tenants.
we are a small family with a very cute 17 month old girl, cheerful. We are a quiet family, ready to give a helping hand to those in need of the house, the garden in exchange for a rent, we love animals. My husband works in construction, he has golden hands. We will be very grateful to those who will help us
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