Looking for cheep rent in exchange of healp

Private person - Advertiser: Dorina Frentiu

29639 Malaga
United Kingdom
55 years - Single
Non-Smoker | No Driver's license | No Allergies
Art school | Holiday

Needs and Preferences:
3 km
No special wishes
towards the landlord
Requirements on Tenancy:
2019 Feb 5 100 €
40 hours offered
What I can offer:
  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. aRT
One room with a garden (terrace) .
I will like to live in Nice, France, and this way I am seeking for an opportunity to move there. Living versus help by housesitting etc. would give me the opportunity to move to Nice without immediately having to rent accommodation. My dog a Labrador is agreeable with children, other animals etc. would accompany me. I own a home in our native country, thus we are not carrying excessive possessions, just a few suitcases. If you think my offer fits with your ideas I am looking forward to reading/hearing from you. Best regards from Malaga!
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